Tuesday, May 2, 2017


The North Pool
April 28-May 21, 2017
tickets:  www.ensembletheatreCLE.org or 216-321-2930

Bob Abelman

While the small confines of the vice principal’s office makes for an intense evening of theater, it can also be argued that playwright Rajiv Joseph has set his sights so small as to keep this interesting play from becoming particularly intriguing.

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Roy Berko

While the production is well-conceived and holds attention, “The North Pool” is somewhat unsatisfying as a thoughtful piece of play crafting.  The script leaves us wanting more, a clearer message to carry from the theatre.

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Mark Horning

Set in real time, The North Pool shows in detail what could be considered a life changing segment in two men’s lives. It also shows how faulty data can lead to snap judgments that could lead to negative consequences much later on in people’s lives. This show is well drawn and well acted.

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