Thursday, May 4, 2017


Through May 20, 2017
(330) 671-4563
Roy Berko

“Salvage,” continues none-too-fragile’s history of outstanding theatrical presentations as it takes George Brant’s well-crafted script from page to stage, with clarity and vividness.  This is a must see experience!  Believe me, Clevelanders, it’s worth the drive!

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Kerry Clawson

"Salvage" is a three-woman character study that reveals moments of sheer desperation in a family basement.  In this drama by award-winning Cleveland Heights playwright George Brant, mother Roberta (DeDe Klein) and daughter Kelly (Kelly Strand) are going through dead son/brother Danny’s belongings. At None Too Fragile in Akron, "Salvage" has a sense of urgency from the start as we hear a storm brewing outside and the women rush to sort through Danny’s prized possessions before an expected flood.

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Andrea Simakis

There are lots of reasons to recommend "Savage"--It's an engrossing well-acted show; The play features an all female cast; It is written by George Brant.

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