Sunday, May 21, 2017


Through June 10, 2017
(216) 687-0074

Bob Abelman

It’s impossible not to appreciate con-con’s willingness to take on a show with such a high degree of difficulty and risk.  But you also wish they were better equipped to soar on the take-offs and stick their landings.

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Roy Berko

“Massacre (Sing to Your Children)” is an abstract play whose meaning will depend on an individual’s views of the world, and their willingness to search for the author’s intent and purpose.  This is a script and production for playgoers who like to probe for ideas with no need for clarity of ideas or outcomes.

Christine Howey
You need to love a theater that will go out on a limb and produce a play with this kind of fierce point of view and risk-taking nature, even if it doesn’t quite hang together.

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To see a full review of this show, read Roy Berko's blog here.