Sunday, July 28, 2013


none-to-fragile theater
July 26-August 24, 2013
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Roy Berko

none too fragile’s ON THE LINE is one of the best lessons in unit acting that has appeared on a local stage.  For anyone interested in seeing acting masters in action, developing a thought-provoking script, in a well directed production, this is for you!  Hurrah!  

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Fran Heller

A raw, powerful heart-hitting drama about three guys, lifelong friends, whose friendship and loyalty is challenged during a company strike pitting the men against management, the union and each other.
Sean Derry's smart direction and a trio of bravura performances make for an evening of riveting theatre.

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Christine Howey

Early in the play, the guys refer to themselves as a miracle alloy, stronger by far than any of the individuals by themselves. And the same can be said for these three actors. It’s a performance so free and yet so well controlled, it’s a privilege to share the same space with them.

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If you live near Akron, or don’t mind a bit of a drive, you will not find a better value for your entertainment dollar than None Too Fragile Theatre. This production of On The Line is heart-felt, hilarious, and authentic.
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