Thursday, July 4, 2013

SPAMLOT @ Beck Center for the Arts

July 12-August 18, 2013
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Bob Abelman

Those attending “Spamalot” and not in touch with their inner child will find the show a tedious, sophomoric affair.  For those willing to let the little rascal run wild for the evening, the Beck Center is the place to play.

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Roy Berko

As my grandson Noah, one of the kid reviewers who goes along to give me a fresh eye to shows, said as we exited the theatre, “That was fun.  I really liked it!”  Anyone who is in the mood for silliness and exaggerated humor should  totally enjoy Beck’s ”you’ve got to see this,” SPAMALOT!

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Fran Heller

For Monty Python fans, "Spamalot" is a whirligig of laughs. I'm not of that camp.
Despite some lingering skepticism over such tomfoolery, I found myself chuckling in quite a few places throughout this outrageous musical comedy that turns low-brow inanity into high-brow art.

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Mark Horning

Spamalot at the Beck Center for the Arts is a punferific delight that will entertain even the most ardent Monty Python fans as well as convert new believers to the fold.     

Christine Howey
If you are opposed to silly things on moral grounds, then you should steer clear of Spamalot, now at the Beck Center. Because this show is not just silly—it is profoundly, deeply and terminally silly in a way that continually redefines silly for more than two hours. And thanks to an energetic and sublimely silly production under the direction of Scott Spence, the laughs come in profusion. Even on opening night, with light and sound glitches galore, the silly won hands down.

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There is no way to escape Beck’s Mackey Main Stage without laughing yourself to tears, I certainly couldn’t. Even if you have never seen a Monty Python film (I havent! – don’t judge), you will loveSpamalot! Do not miss this show!

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Andrea Simakis

All hail the scatting, belting, eat-your-heart-out-Mariah-Carey stylings of Jessica L. Cope as the Lady of the Lake, a shimmering prima donna who is King Arthur’s muse and protector. She's also one of the best reasons to saddle up your air steed and coconut clop to the Beck Center for the Arts to see this ridiculously fun production of "Spamalot.

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Art Thomas

An epicenter of theatrical talent, The Beck Center production successfully carries silliness to an extreme. Python fans will be pleased, and more importantly, the audience is fully engaged regardless of past experiences with the movie inspiration. 
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