Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WORKING @ Porthouse Theatre

July 4-20, 2013
Bob Abelman

Leaving “Working: The Musical” at Porthouse Theatre, there is a greater sense of having just done one’s civic duty than having spent the evening being entertained. The show seems better suited as the opening act at a U.S. Department of Labor corporate event than sandwiched between musical haymakers“South Pacific” and “Fiddler on the Roof” in Porthouse’s summer repertoire.

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Kerry Clawson

Director Jim Weaver’s strong young cast of 12 singers, all of whom are in college or have recently graduated, are often successful in bringing out the humanity of 25 varied characters who share their feelings about how work does or does not define them. These real middle-class workers’ words, which seek meaning in their work and their personal lives, were originally transcribed by Terkel.

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  Fran Heller

"Working" is not a great musical. What it is, is an entertaining and sometimes moving tribute to the workingmen and women in America in song and movement.
In an age of economic uncertainty, job insecurity, lingering unemployment and increasing disparity between the haves and have-nots, it is good to be reminded about ordinary people who helped build this extraordinary country.

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Mark Horning

“Working” is a pleasant evening of musical theater in the outdoors.  The cast (made up of mostly Equity membership candidates and non-candidates) does a great job of singing and acting.  It will not take much work for you to feel entertained.

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Christine Howey

If you’ve worked for a living, inside the house or out,Working is a show that rings many bells. And this production is delivers the goods, for the most part, with energy and consistency.
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