Monday, July 22, 2013

BOSTON MARRIAGEA @ Mamai Theatre Company

Mamai Theatre Company
July 18-August 4

Fran Heller

Words and lots of them is what this play is all about. It's a bloated linguistic conceit whose arch language is all style and little substance and requires a dictionary to decipher.
Despite Christine McBurney's brisk direction, which keeps the characters moving around the stage like musical chairs, and a trio of well-defined character portraits, the play is mired in verbal ping-pong that proves an insufferable bore.

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Mark Horning

“Boston Marriage” is a light and frothy comedy that uses enough fancy dialog to make it interesting and engaging.  It is a whimsical snapshot period piece of days gone by and a nice evening’s diversion.  

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Christine Howey

This play fascinates as much as it confounds, offering many deliciously dense passages that are both amusing and invigorating. But these Mametian verbal joustings go on so long, with very little actually happening (unlike, say, in Glengarry Glen Ross) that one eventually tires from this genteel exercise in conversational sparring.

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Andrea Simakis

“Boston Marriage” — a turn-of-the-century euphemism for women living together who may or may not have been getting it on — is a comedy of manners the likes of which you have never seen. 

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