Monday, July 22, 2013

Cleveland Play House
July 17-August 4, 2013

Roy Berko

MAESTRO:  LEONARD BERNSTEIN is a compelling evening of discovery which exposes not only the life of a real person, but is an intriguing probe into the world of music and life in the arts.  This is a must see for anyone interested in music and theatre.

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Kerry Clawson

In this highly educational and entertaining play, accomplished pianist Felder embodies the spirit of the conflicted conductor and composer who became a superstar as America’s ambassador of music.
 In one of the play’s most beautifully staged moments, Felder plays Wagner’s Love Death from the opera Tristan und Isolde simultaneously with a video above of Bernstein playing the piece. The moment is so seamless, the two men’s profiles so similar, and Felder so thoroughly embodies the composer’s persona, it almost seems as if the image above could be a live video feed.

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Fran Heller

The show is a love letter to Bernstein.
Felder, who sings, acts, plays the piano and impersonates a host of other characters, delivers such a strong portrait of Bernstein that the line between the legendary musician and the actor portraying him all but dissolves

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Mark Horning

Maestro: Leonard Bernstein is a show that people who grew up on “Young Peoples Concerts” will love.  It is a tribute to greatness that for many of those in our golden years owe our love of classical music.  Singing aside, Hershey Felder does a fine job.

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Christine Howey

Felder, who has done solo romps through the lives of other composers (Gershwin, Chopin, Beethoven) is an abundantly talented pianist and performer, weaving together music and dialect-inflected stories in this 105-minute tour de force. However, there are aspects of the show that one might wish were more thoroughly thought through.

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Maestro: Leonard Bernstein is a truly immersive masterpiece of American theatre. Felder will have you so deeply engaged in Bernstein’s life, that you live and die with his every emotion, and feel like you could fly with every wave of the late-great conductors hand. This is a show that you don’t so much view, but feel. You will marvel at the talent, charisma, humor and passion of a complex and fascinating man named Leonard Bernstein.

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