Monday, August 5, 2013

CYMBELINE @ Ohio Shakespeare Festival

August 1-18, 2013

Bob Abelman

This is not one of Shakespeare’s better plays.  It is, in fact, one of his final, most convoluted and least produced plays. It contains so many incongruous subplots that involve so many incompatible characters seemingly ripped from the pages of Shakespeare’s other comedies, tragedies and historical dramas that it is difficult to classify.  Yet, it is worth seeing because this Ohio Shakespeare Festival production, under Terry Burgler’s superb direction, is a good one. 

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Kerry Clawson

The cast of Ohio Shakespeare Festival’s Cymbeline takes the adage “the show must go on,’’ very seriously, ensuring even through the rains Friday night that they brought their show to completion... director/actor Terry Burgler broke character just before the story’s three battle scenes to explain that the cast could not risk using real weapons on a stage slick from rain.

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Christine Howey

Cymbeline is a rarely produced work, probably because of the large cast and the storyline that thrashes about in the weeds of random subplots even more than a lot of Will's complicated treasures. Then, there are the forced coincidences and death-defying last minute expositions. Ah, well, Hamlet it ain't.

Undaunted, the Ohio Shakespeare Festival takes it all on with their usual boisterous glee, and they mostly come up a winner. The talented actors bring out the music of the language (and there is plenty of that), while director Terry Burgler directs traffic and clarifies scenes with his usual craftsman's touch.

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