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September 6-October 6, 2013
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Bob Abelman

“Time Stands Still” addresses the inhumanity and atrocities of war, but it never becomes the kind of play that preaches its politics.  Instead, it serves to reveal what 1980s songstress Pat Benatar told us long ago: that love is a battlefield.  Wonderful acting merges with always interesting writing and flawless direction.

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Roy Berko

TIMES STANDS STILL is a thought-provoking, well-directed and acted drama, with comic interludes, that mesmerizes and challenges the viewer to think beyond the story and look into their own beliefs, attitudes and life choices. Dial the phone or get on the internet and purchase one of the few remaining tickets for this show! This is an absolutely must see production!
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Fran Heller

The beauty of "Time Stands Still" lies in its naturalistic dialogue and believable characters whose complex and contradictory natures fully plumb what it means to be human.
Nathan Motta's sensitive direction and a quartet of superb actors bring the well-written play and rich characterizations to pulsating life.

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Mark Horning

“Time Stands Still” is a well executed drama with a nice balance of humor.  It is one of those rare works that at intermission you want to stick around to see how the story ends.  In spite of its title it is a work that moves along well.
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Christine Howey

In this exquisitely rendered production, directed by Nathan Motta, we see what drives these adrenaline-junkie shutterbugs, how their job ignites moral quandaries, and the toll their passion can take on personal lives.

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Time Stands Still will play on every human emotion you possess, and maybe show you a different side of the turmoil that haunts our world. This show is a MUST-SEE!
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Andrea Simakis

With his excellent, four-person cast, director Nathan Motta has assembled a sturdy foundation upon which to balance this smart, demanding drama. His actors constantly explore the complex layers of their characters... It's a first rate production... that's nearly perfect.

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