Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cleveland Public Theatre
February 21 through March 9, 2013
                                                 216-631-2727 or go to

Roy Berko

Cleveland Public Theatre is noted for its experimental theatrical work.  Though not for everyone, Ray Bobgan and his well intentioned group of creators, again challenges the senses in EARTH PLAYS (Part Two of the Elements Cycle) through the devised theatre method of creation. 

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Fran Heller

Some of the pieces are maddeningly obscure, others didactic and still others serenely lyrical and beautiful.
"Earth Plays" stretches the boundaries of live theater in bold, experimental and imaginative ways that result in a total theater experience.
You won't understand everything you see, but the sum total of the experience is something you won't soon forget.

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Christine Howey

While not as consistently enthralling as Water Ways, Earth Plays offers a number of memorable moments and only goes theatrically awry when it insists on delivering its worthwhile messages wrapped around a rock and repeatedly thumped on the audience’s head.

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EARTH PLAYS is a collaborative, avant-garde, unsettling, graphic, powerful, and emotional journey through the issues that plague Mother Earth.

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