Friday, February 15, 2013

February 2-17, 2013
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Roy Berko 

Through electronic gimmicks, flying colored paint, filling their mouths with marshmallows, eating Twinkies, audience participation, drumming (yes, it does get loud and the bass moves the theatre’s floor under your feet), three on-stage performers, a band and seven Blue Men hidden in the dark on-stage, teach and delight.  THE BLUE MAN GROUP is a go-see show for kids of all ages!

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Fran Heller

"Blue Man Group" isn't just a show. It's a total experience.
A cross between a rock concert, performance art, and hi-tech video, the unique and highly imaginative multi-media extravaganza is vastly entertaining, visually spectacular, extremely intelligent and very funny.
Kids love it. So do grownups.

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Christine Howey

It’s witty, it’s unpredictable (especially if you haven’t seen it). And if you have seen it, that’s exactly why you want to see it again.You want to see it for the 2D/3D dance. For the unending list of synonyms for the human butt (air balloons, wiggle clowns, Ali vs. Frazier… For the Twinkie banquet.

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Art Thomas
Equal parts music and performance art, Blue Man Group, will inspire young musicians, especially percussionists, and lead adults through a giggle fest of silliness. Constantly reinventing themselves, Blue Man Group is currently obsessed with text messaging. The finale has the entire audience throwing up and plenty of tissue paper to catch the spills.

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