Sunday, February 10, 2013

none too fragile theater
February 8-March 9, 2013
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Roy Berko

none too fragile’s A BEHANDING IN SPOKANE is definitely not for everyone.  If you have a macabre sense of humor, have a high tolerance for swearing and offensive stereotypes, you  will really get into this show.  Others may be so offended and/or confused their only wish would be for the final lights out.  Which one are you?
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Kerry Clawson

This play alternates between the sickeningly funny and just plain sickening — the latter in the form of viciously racist dialogue. Race plays a big part in the story in ways that don’t really make sense.A Behanding in Spokane is full of obscenities and racial epithets. As the off-kilter Carmichael, the bushy-haired, white-bearded Michael Regnier is uncomfortably frightening in his hatred.

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Fran Heller

A cross between theater of the absurd and Gothic horror tale, the 100-minute one act is a lacerating, no-holds-barred satire of the American landscape.
Laced with profanity and politically incorrect language, the play takes a pot shot at our "sad, decaying nation" shaped by homophobia, racism and school massacres.
The well-acted production, directed by Sean Derry, milks the farcical, drawing lots of laughs from the audience, but which left this viewer unmoved.

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Christine Howey
There is a bracing directness and honesty to the proceedings, yet it often feels like everyone is trying a bit too hard to be off the wall. Still the four performers, under the well-paced direction of Sean Derry, are so close to nailing their respective characters that one wishes for an unseen hand to guide them across the finish line. 
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