Thursday, February 7, 2013

February 1-24, 2013

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Fran Heller

As a chapter in American history, the 1977 play captures the struggle of young black women trying to rise above their station in a sexist, racist and patriarchal society.
As contemporary drama, it feels dated.

The two-and-a-half hour production, directed by Terrence Spivey, grinds slowly, hampered by some uneven acting and actors who orate without emoting.

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Andrea Simakis

Still, the production [A STAR AIN'T NOTHIGN BUT A HOLE IN HEAVEN] is a moving one -- perhaps more so today.  Deep into Act 2, Aunt Mamie emerges from her fog, surprising her husband and nosey neighbor, Pearl.  Mamie, eyes shining, explains that she wants Pokie to take hold of that rope and never look back, because one day, she and other young blacks are "gonna be doctors and lawyers and scientists . . ."    "And president!" a woman in the front row called out.

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