Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PlayhouseSquare--Palace Theatre
Feburary 6-10, 2013
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Bob Abelman

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? How the hell can you not, considering that “Les Misérables has played over 48,000 professional performances to over 60 million people in 42 countries and the film version has earned a whopping $340 million at the box office since its December 2012 premiere.  The question is: is it worth hearing again? Yes, it is. 
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Fran Heller

Les Miz isn't just a musical, it's a phenomenon.
This latest version is inspired by Victor Hugo's drawings and eye-popping video projections that pull the viewer into the action, like 3-D.
The result is a show more immediate and compelling, and one that heightens relevance to contemporary times.

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Christine Howey

The 25th Anniversary production of the Cameron MacIntosh production, now at the Palace Theatre at PlayhouseSquare reminds one of the power living, breathing actors can bring. And for those who love the film but were left with a bad taste in their mouth from Russell Crowe’s stupendously hollow performance as Inspector Javert, here is your palate cleanser.

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Les Misérables is a well acted, fluid, technical marvel that has to be seen to be believed!

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