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March 1-April 21, 2013
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Bob Abelman

At the Beck Center for the Arts, a powerful and startling story has been paired with magnificent storytelling, resulting in a “Next to Normal” worthy of the original’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony Awards, while serving up something special of its own design and on its own terms.       

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Roy Berko

NEXT TO NORMAL, a combined Beck Center and Baldwin Wallace University production, is well done.  This is the type of show that should result in sold out houses.

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Fran Heller

In the more than two decades I have been reviewing Cleveland theatre, I have never seen two productions of the same show within a month's span of time.
Following the mind-blowing production of "Next to Normal "at Lakeland, Beck Center's production of the landmark musical is equally compelling, proving the show's staying power and how two uniquely creative approaches can achieve the same stunning impact.
If you saw the show at Lakeland, the Beck production makes the experience worth repeating. If you haven't seen it yet, see it at Beck.

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Christine Howey

Director Bussert brings the story of Dan and Diana, and Gabe, front and center, making this Next to Normal a powerful and memorable experience.

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NEXT TO NORMAL is a little less than I was expecting from Beck Center, but still an incredible show!

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Andrea Simakis

Through two intense acts -- made even more so by the choice to stage the show in the smaller, more intimate of the Beck's two theaters -- those bottles of uppers and downers and anti-psychotics glow yellow or orange or red, taking on the look of circuitry inside a computer -- or the wiring in Diana's febrile brain.

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Art Thomas

Although the life journey is rough for the characters, this production is a harmonic convergence for the audience. The storyline and dramaturgy are honestly interpreted by the talented cast and the each member of the multigenerational audience on the night I attended was intimately drawn into the show.

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