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March 29-April 14, 2013
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Bob Abelman

Although Shakespeare did not invent the “I hate you/I love you” dynamic tension that drives romantic comedies, the hesitant affection Beatrice and Benedick display in “Much Ado About Nothing,” on stage at Great Lakes’ Hanna Theatre, is as good as it gets.

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Roy Berko

GLT’s MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, under the creative and disciplined direction of Sharon Ott, and choreography by Martin Céspedes, is Shakespearean comedy at its highest level.  Bravo! Bravo!  Bravo!
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Fran Heller

There is much to delight in the masterful production of Shakespeare's "Much Ado" at Great Lakes Theater. The comedy may be more than 400 years old, but in director Sharon Ott's freshly minted vision, it feels entirely new.

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Christine Howey

Life is full of contradictions. Teachers tell their students not to lie, then, at some point, they hand them Shakespeare's plays, which are so filled with lies and counterfeits of various sorts that the mind boggles. So it is with the beloved comedy Much Ado About Nothing, now at the Great Lakes Theater. You'd be hard pressed to find a single character who isn't lying in this laugh-filled romp, presented with lively energy and dialogue delivered with plenty of snap and crackle.

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The Charleston meets Shakespeare in Great Lakes Theater’s production of Much Ado About Nothing!

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Andrea Simakis

Sharon Ott and her team have created a fully realized universe, a seductive, consistent vision that is pulled through every costume and prop.  What a swell idea!

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Art Thomas

Director Sharon Ott's well-thought-out production concept makes Shakespeare's meanings crystal clear in this stylish romp. The cast, a cohesive ensemble, mold each scene into a stand alone statement on the nature of love, justice, and the other things that make us human. A forceful and beautiful interpretation.

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