Sunday, October 31, 2021


October 23-November 14, 2021 

(216) 241-6000

Roy Berko

WHERE DID WE SIT ON THE BUS tells the angst of being Latino and gay in modern day America.  The CPH production, due to the play’s format and staging, is somewhat frustrating.  Since the piece, according to the author, was intended to be a collection of original poems and songs, it might work best in a concert format, where the huge Allen stage would not have to be traversed and the attention would be just on the performer and the relevant material.

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Mark Horning

This show is a riveting musical and poetic solitary journey of a young gay Latino woman determined to find her place in the world and in America. Along with being inspirational it is a plea for America to reexamine our immigration policies that have gone from being compassionate to political with the last administration.  

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Chris Howey

"Where Did We Sit On The Bus?" is theatrical delight with a big and boisterous heart.

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