Saturday, October 30, 2021

"Airness" @ Dobama Theatre

Through November 21, 2021
(216) 932-3396

Roy Berko

AIRNESS is a fine play to attend if you are feeling angst and need an escape.  Though much of the air guitar playing could have been more dynamic and involving, the message of the author stands out. 

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Sherri Gross

If you are suppressing an inner rock star that wants to be unleashed, or if you consider yourself a "groupie" of the great rock bands of the '70s, '80s or '90s, or if you want to escape the conventions of everyday life and carve out a comfortable niche with the like-minded, self-proclaimed nerds who understand the "the whole impetus of air guitar is world peace," then your safe space is a Dobama Theatre.

Sherri Gross's reviews appear in the Cleveland Jewish News

Mark Horning

This is a show for those with eclectic tastes. Some attendees will scream and shout throughout the performance while others will sit quietly and nod their heads and still others will walk out scratching their heads. It is simply where your head is at the time.

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Chris Howey

Airness is the kind of show that deserves and needs a raucous audience that can shriek, stomp and scream at every jump, slide and gyration. That's when this show will truly discover its own "airness."

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