Wednesday, October 6, 2021

The Lion King @ Playhouse Square

Through October 15, 2021

Roy Berko

With its stellar credentials one would expect the Playhouse Square’s production to be spectacular.  The sets, costumes, puppets, and special effects are.  Unfortunately, the quality performances and dynamics needed to make the performance shine, are often in short supply.  This is THE LION KING light…a gentle roar, compared to previous dynamic stagings.

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Kerry Clawson

Seeing "The Lion King" at Playhouse Square is a shock to the senses, in the best sense of the phrase, after a bleak 18 months with no live musicals at indoor Northeast Ohio venues.

The awesomeness of it all was almost overwhelming on opening night Tuesday at Playhouse Square as the show's North American tour brought that jolt of in-person color, wonder, magic and excitement that we've all been starving for. What grander way to finally bring musicals back to Cleveland than with the most popular, most massive show on the planet?

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Howard Gollop

There really is no other dramatic sustenance to draw upon other than the original Disney animated movie. Despite a handful of new songs and music by various artists and authentic African sources (plus a fleshed-out rendition of the 1961 pop classic "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"), the on-stage "Lion King" starts to wallow in a rather pallid script by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi. But this time, the touring production, buffed up splendidly for a new post-Covid-19 lockdown tour schedule, seems to mitigate the show's pitfalls with exceptional precision and energy.

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Mark Horning

Broadway is back in all its glory at Playhouse Square with the phenomenal “The Lion King” once more gracing the stage of the Keybank State Theatre. This is a show that dazzles with great music, dance, comedy and heart. 

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Joey Morona

No matter how many times you’ve seen the show, it still elicits oohs and ahhs.

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