Sunday, May 31, 2015

Johanna Facing Forward @ Cleveland Public Theatre

Through June 13, 2015

6415 Detroit Avenue, 216-631-2727    
Bob Abelman

We all want to support projects that are driven by passion.  Dramatized accounts of real people triumphing over tragedy or adversity are particularly poignant, alluringly personal, and easy to rally around.  But more often than not, these heartfelt grassroots works fail to make the transition from good intentions to good theater.  Such is the case with the world premiere production of “Johanna: Facing Forward.”

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Mark Horning

This play puts a face on the people from the horrific story of a girl who did everything right to end a relationship only to end up nearly losing her life.  It is a story of redemption not only for Johanna but the legal system as well.  If you have young teenagers nearing the dating age, this is one play they should see to get a primer on what to look for when a relationship turns sour.

To see a full review of this show, read Mark Horning's blog.