Saturday, June 6, 2015

Three Sisters @ Mamai Theatre

Three Sister @ Mamai Theatre

 Through June 21
Cleveland Masonic Performing Arts Center

Bob Abelman

Mamai Theatre has chosen to go old school in its current production of  Chekhov’s “Three Sisters.”  And while this staging is neither radical nor revolutionary, it is most certainly exciting, for director Bernadette Clemens finds all the very intimate, inescapably dark and often very funny moments in this four-act, three-hour masterwork.  And her remarkable ensemble of players puts them on display. 

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Mark Horning

This is a work that is most praiseworthy.  The chemistry between the various actors is electric.  The set is sumptuous without restricting movement of the cast.  It is classic Chekhov done with endearing precision that makes this work still relevant one hundred and fifteen years after it was written.  This may well be the best dramatic production of the season and must not be missed.  It is classic theater done masterfully.     

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Christine Howey

Thanks to sharply delineated performances and a lush set design by Don McBride, Mamai has created an existential shadow box in which we can observe comfortable people in their native, uncomfortable habitat.

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