Thursday, June 25, 2015


June 26-July 18, 2015

Bob Abelman

Con-con’s apocalyptic comedy ‘The Train Play’ lacks a third rail.

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Roy Berko

“The Reckless Ruthless Brutal Charge Of It, Or The Train Play,” should appeal to con-con audiences who attend in their search for off-beat theater.  If you are looking for a play with a message, it should be easy to use your imagination and conjure up a lesson to be learned from the abstractions and pseudo-philosophical pontifications which flow from the mouths of the actors.   
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Mark Horning

With Convergence-continuum’s carefully built following, this production will excite and edify.  For those coming off the street it will be a jarring experience.  Think of this as The Orient Express on acid.  Those with a transcendental leaning will dig it.  Om!

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Christine Howey

There are laughs at times, but this is a train that one should board with some caution. Hell, it almost makes one long for Starlight Express, in which the toy train cars come to life and roll around on skates. 

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Andrea Simakis

As diverting as its metaphysical musings are, "The Train Play" doesn't really go anywhere."

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Art Thomas

There are some surprising, some humorous, and a lot of so-so moments in "The Train Play." The cast portray the eccentric characters with enthusiasm and Clyde Simon's direction is pointed and illuminating. There may not be quite enough to illuminate in the thin script.
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