Saturday, May 9, 2015


Through May 30, 2015
convergence-continuum at The Liminis, 2438 Scranton Road, Tremont,

Bob Abelman

“This isn't a pretty story,” warns the sardonic narrator at the start of Steve Yockey’s “Wolves,” a particularly gruesome and adult version of the classic Red Riding Hood folktale.  That this convergence-continuum production isn’t pretty storytelling is also immediately apparent.

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Roy Berko

WOLVES:  AN URBAN FABLE is not a well-written script, nor does it have a compelling story line.  Though some may find the experience of value, others will find the experience bewildering.

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Christine Howey

The storyline is pretty simple stuff, with little exposition defining who these people really are and why they have the problems they do. That is fine and to be expected in a fairy tale. But the production desperately needs an inventive, overarching style that would help lift this pedestrian story to another level. 

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Art Thomas

 "Wolves" is typical con-con fare, but is a bit less rich in post show discussion topics than I would like.  It does ask the valid question, "What do you do after you confront and kill that which frightens you?" That's what character Ben wrestles with after he kills the "wolf" who has breached his apartment.

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