Saturday, May 10, 2014


Bob Abelman

The world just became less interesting. 

My friend, CSU colleague and the best actor I’ve ever seen died early Thursday at the Hospice of the Western Reserve. Reuben Silver was 88 years old.

I have known Reuben for over 30 years and best remember him as the most passionate and fully engaged man I ever met.  He wept openly and laughed joyfully at my son’s bris.  He would work up a sweat while dining.  And he owned the stage every time he was on it.

The last time I spoke with Rueben was in January, after the opening night production of “Yentl” at Cleveland Play House, in which his wife Dorothy and I were cast.  We met in the lobby of the Allen Theatre and, from his wheelchair, Reuben held my hand and proceeded to critique my performance. 

He said the beard I grew for the play was magnificent.  He told me to speak louder since I was small and easily lost on a stage full of people. And, with a twinkle in his eye that fought through his increasing frailty, he told me not to quit my day job. 

The world most certainly became less interesting.

Roy Berko
Reuben’s presence will be missed by those of us who knew, admired and loved him for being such a special person, performer and friend!   There is one less star in the local theatre community sky, and tears in many eyes, with his passing.

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Christine Howey

He always knew the show must go on. And so it will, for Dorothy as well as their three children and four grandchildren. For them, and us, the show will forever be burnished to a warm glow because we were touched, in so many ways, by the gentle genius of Reuben Silver.

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Andrea Simakis

Playhouse Square will dim the State Theatre marquee on Saturday from 8 – 8:15 p.m. in Reuben Silver's honor.  Silver, who lit up Cleveland's stages for more than half a century, died Thursday, May 8 at the Hospice of the Western Reserve. He was 88 years old.

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