Saturday, May 17, 2014

THIS IS NOT THE PLAY @ Cleveland Public Theatre

May 15-31 2014 
For tickets, go to or call 216-631-2727

Bob Abelman

Every once in a while, that little voice in our head slips out of our mouth and reveals some hidden truths that can be as amusing as they are provocative.  The wonderful “This is Not the Play,” in its regional premiere at CPT, offers 65 minutes worth. 

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Mark Horning

Although billed as a comedy there is a deep undercurrent of serious drama that is food for thought.  This is a show that asks some pointed questions about how two races (black and white) truly feel about each other and the lip service we sometimes give to mask our authentic inner feelings.  See this for the laughs but stay for the thought.
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Christine Howey

This short play feels like a work in progress: It presents some compelling reflections about racial prejudices as well as the creative process, but doesn’t fully explore either. This shortfall is evidenced with brutal clarity in the ending, which is abrupt and essentially a copout by playwright Hutchinson.

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