Friday, May 30, 2014

SEMINAR @ Beck Center for the Arts

May 30-June 29, 2014
216-521-2540 or

Bob Abelman

What is on display at the Beck Center may not be the play the playwright intended or the “big laugh” comedy some in attendance might be expecting.  But it is certainly the play this play was meant to be.

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Roy Berko

“Seminar” is one of those special evenings of theatre:  well written script, quality acting, perceptive direction!  The show is filled with both laughter and message that makes it a must see for a perceptive audience!

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Mark Horning

“Seminar” is a masterfully honest portrayal of the many stages and levels of professional writing.  It proves that great writers do not so much reach greatness; rather they are kicked up to greatness by someone with thick boots.  This one is worth seeing for all the twists and turns.
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Christine Howey

This snarky and amusing 95-minute play imagines a fiction-writing seminar attended by four bright, self-absorbed, young-ish scribblers who have paid $5K each to sit at the feet of the infamous Leonard, an older writer, editor and supposedly all-knowing guru of all things fictive. And even though the script sometimes strains credulity, the smooth and often witty direction of Donald Carrier delivers a thought-provoking look at the art of writing.

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Andrea Simakis

“This smart, tart production…has the pacing of an unputdownable read, the kind you don't mind losing sleep to finish”

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Art Thomas

The characters of four aspiring writers in this script are more fascinating than the characters that the writers imagine for their literature. This wildly successful comedy also makes commentary on the nature of art in a non trite way. 
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