Sunday, April 20, 2014

THE DROWNING GIRLS @ Cleveland Public Theatre

April 17-May 3, 2014
216-631-2727 or go to

Bob Abelman

‘The Drowning Girls’ delivers enthralling, ethereal, short-form theater.  Director Melissa Therese Crum embraces and embellishes all that is haunting in this story and places great faith in her three actors to do the waiflike storytelling that is required.  They do so remarkably well.

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Roy Berko

“The Drowning Girls” is an intriguing script which gets a fine staging at Cleveland Public Theatre.  Be warned:  reading the program notes before the play may take some of the excitement out of experiencing the production. 
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Mark Horning

 “The Drowning Girls” is the type of touchstone work that we need to see from time to time to measure just how far civilized society has advanced. Has much changed since 1912? What rights do women in our society have concerning being single or being married? What is there that needs to be done to improve the situation? Are women truly protected against spousal abuse? Come see this play, but be prepared to think afterwards.
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Christine Howey
Although the three waterlogged actors in The Drowning Girls often seem to revel in the H2O all around them, this is no "aqua musical" of the kind the Hollywood mermaid Ms. Williams made famous in the 1950s. No, this regional premiere at Cleveland Public Theatre is, instead, a thoroughly compelling dramatization of a scandalous serial-murder spree that took place in England's bathtubs a century ago.
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Andrea Simakis
No review yet.
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