Friday, April 25, 2014

KIN @ Dobama

April 25-May 25, 2014
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Bob Abelman

If the characters in Eugene O’Neill’s “Beyond the Horizon,” currently on stage at Ensemble Theatre and reviewed in this paper, happened to meet the characters in Bathsheba Doran’s “Kin,” currently on stage at Dobama Theatre, they would have a good laugh. 

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Roy Berko

KIN is one of those special scripts that happily gets a superb production at Dobama.  It’s a play for everyone, whether the viewer is looking for thoughtful moments, humorous interludes, or fine acting.  KIN is a must see evening of theater.
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Mark Horning

“Kin” does in 90 minutes what it takes couples a minimum of 25 years together (any less does not count) to realize.  That it takes an army of friends, relations…and yes strangers to help them find each other and stay together.  For the long married couple it will make them ponder their rich history and for the newly introduced twosome show what they have to look forward to. 
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Christine Howey

Every romance needs a lot of good fortune as the two amorous participants try to surmount their own family demons and construct a viable relationship. And that is the magical journey that is so precisely (yet obliquely) depicted in "Kin" by Bathsheba Doran, now at Dobama Theatre.

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