Sunday, April 27, 2014

BEYOND THE HORIZON @ Ensemble Theater

April 25-May 18, 2014 or 216-321-2930

Bob Abelman

This production is worth seeing based on the merits of a young O’Neill’s not-yet evolved, not-often heard but still gorgeous prose and the quality of the actors speaking it.

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Roy Berko

“Beyond The Horizon” is a Eugene O’Neill classic which gets few stagings.  The Ensemble production, in general, allows us to experience the beautiful writing of a master playwright. Ensemble is to be praised for continuing in its task to help keep the classics alive by producing this and other epic plays.
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Christine Howey

Three characters in Eugene O’Neill’s Beyond the Horizon see their wishes come true, only to fall into regret and sadness. This play, O’Neill’s first Pulitzer Prize winner, shows its age with frequently clunky dialogue. But there is heat and passion at work here.

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