Saturday, April 26, 2014


April 25-27, 2014
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Roy Berko

“Green Day’s American Idiot” is a loud, brash musical which attempts to tell the tale of modern day America.   In spite of a well-performed and musically proficient  performance, the thin script and redundant musical sounds resulted in a quickly to be forgotten theatrical experience.

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Mark Horning

“Green Day's American Idiot” is the type of happening that all young people need to experience at some point in their fresh life (and perhaps some of their parents as well).  It is fast paced, raucous and wonderfully entertaining with a moral message snuck in as well.  If your head is in the right place, I guarantee that you will have the “Time of Your Life”. 

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Kerry Clawson

There was a lot of raging but not much storytelling going on in the third national tour of "American Idiot," which landed for a five-performance run last weekend at Playhouse Square.

 The 90-minute, intermissionless show came across as a glorified concert rather than a book musical with a cohesive story. It was never clear just what the jaded, directionless, suburban young people in this tale are so angry about.

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