Saturday, April 12, 2014

A KILLING GAME @ Cleveland Public Theatre

April 10-26, 2014 216-631-2727 or go to

Bob Abelman

"A Killing Game" is communal Cranium -- a living board game played by a handful of hesitant audience members, a smattering of extraverts picking up the slack, some inner-children set free and running wild and – during my evening of engagement – a few uninhibited inebriants keeping things interesting.  For immersive theater like this, random acts of art are as likely to rise as moments of inanity.  It is good fun for those willing to have it.

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Mark Horning
The best part about this show is the fact that you, the audience, are able to actively participate in all the fun.   You will find yourself caught up in the maelstrom of action that carries you along for a delightful evening of solid entertainment.  See this show and more importantly, be a part of the show!        
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Christine Howey
The seven performers give it their best and there are certainly some smiles to be had. Plus, if you're the type of person who just loves jumping up to play charades during cocktails, or if you're a hyperactive 12-year-old, this play will definitely light your fire. For others, it may feel like you've been locked on a cruise ship with a gaggle of overly-caffeinated activity directors.
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