Saturday, February 1, 2014


January 31-February 16, 2014
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Bob Abelman

Against all odds, despite the risks and challenges, and in Italian without subtitles, Lakeland Civic Theatre does a masterful job of presenting this simple yet dramatic story and doing justice to what the New York Times labeled the most romantic score since “West Side Story.”  
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Roy Berko

Lakeland Civic Theatre’s THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA is a special night of musical theatre.  To appreciate the show, the viewer must put aside any attitude of what a musical should look and sound like and embrace this creatively “different” approach.  I, for one, loved the story, the music and the production, and would declare it a MUST SEE!

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Tom Fulton

Musical theater is surprisingly unforgiving. Audiences are far more likely to recognize a squeaking sour note than they are the barking clamor of a bad actor in Shakespeare. So it is to this cast's credit that under the excellent musical direction of Jordan Cooper and the sensitive and intelligent leadership of Martin Friedman, the notes and most key moments of The Light in the Piazza at Lakeland Civic Theatre weave together like silver strings in a fairy's pavilion.

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