Saturday, February 8, 2014

CARRIE: THE MUSICAL @ Beck Center/Baldwin Wallace University

Beck Center
February 7-March 9, 2014
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Bob Abelman

It is no surprise that the same local theater company that dared to bring us the delighfully outrageous “Jerry Springer: The Opera” thought to take a stab at resurrecting “Carrie: The Musical.”  What is surprising is that even the exceptionally gifted director Vicky Bussert can not find a steady pulse in this stillborn show.

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Roy Berko

“CARRIE:  THE MUSICAL” sizzles with fine performances, great dancing, well tuned singing, compelling illusions, and an emotionally encompassing attitude which is so relevant in this era of school bullying.  This must-see production deserves to result in sold-out houses.

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Tom Fulton

CARRIE, The Musical! is at the Beck Center in Lakewood, now through March 9. It is a highly entertaining, beautifully directed, but silly musical that wants to be about teenage angst and bullying but is burdened with telekinesis, moody thunder, blood obsession, self-motivated chairs, and a floating Jesus. But forget that. See it for the sheer energy of performance.

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Howard Gollup

With sheer talent from youthful college singers, dancers and actors who actually pass for high-schoolers, Steven King’s original horror novel conception of the ultimate bully payback resonates better than ever.  Veteran local director Victoria Bussert wrings out all the emotion and pathos from Lawarence D. Cohen’s script, and she clarifies and punctuates the drama and horror with firm grasp on an onslaught of scenes.
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Mark Horning

The Beck Center for the Arts production of “Carrie – The Musical” combines all the elements needed to make a great show: solid performances, great singing and dancing numbers, believable special effects and an easy to follow story line with a strong theme.  With its anti-bullying message, this should be required viewing for all area high schoolers and families. 

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Andrea Simakis

But this CARRIE is director Victoria Bussert's version--a powerful wallop of a piece with a smart, pop sensibility balanced by real emotion.  In that way, it's like nothing that has come before.  This one will give you  nightmares and break your heart.

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Art Thomas

The youthful cast from Baldwin-Wallace University are best in the energetic Gregory Daniels choreography. The production points up the bullying aspects of the script and downplays the supernatural elements that graced the Stephen King novel. The term "a rare treat" perfectly applies to this production.

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