Saturday, February 1, 2014


Cleveland Public Theatre
January 31-February 15, 2016
216-631-2727 or go to

Roy Berko

Of the three pieces in the “ELEMENTS CYCLE,” “AIR-WAVES” is the most message- clear.  The CPT directors have seemingly come to terms with the need to add clarity of purpose to the devised theatre process.  Though not as abstract as the two previous offerings, those wanting a traditional story line of clear beginning, middle, and end will still be somewhat frustrated.  

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Mark Horning
“Air Waves” now playing through February 15, 2014 at Cleveland Public Theatre is a walking adventure through time and space as well as personal conceptions concerning pollution.  CPT uses a velvet glove approach to gently educate rather than hammering an idea home.  It is an enjoyable evening of participatory theater that will help you think.      
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Tom Fulton

Fantasy mingles with hard reality, lending Air Waves a wild and honest sense of creativity.

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