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Roy Berko

“MEAN GIRLS” is filled with music, characters and Tina Fey-satire that will appeal to audiences.”  Go, see, enjoy, but don’t expect “DEAR EVAN HANSEN” or “FAR FROM AWAY” greatness.

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Kerry Clawson

“Mean Girls” is a humorous musical about teens behaving badly. But it’s not the comedic perfection that the 2004 teen film was.
The national tour of the musical, adapted from Tina Fey’s movie with a book by Fey, music by husband Jeff Richmond and lyrics by Nell Benjamin, has a lot of likable elements. They just don’t all come together on stage in as sharply satirical fashion as the subversive movie did.

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Howard Gollop

Does the entertainment world really need another go-round of a teen outsider navigating the trials and tribulations of high-school life and its social-cliques hierarchy? Well, if that go-round has the wit and heart of "Saturday Night Live" legend Tina Fey, why not?

Mark Horning

If high school had been this much fun many of us would never have left. This high energy show dazzles with brilliant choreography, great singing numbers and superb acting. It is a moral tale of redemption and acceptance that should be required viewing by all high school age children and their parents. See if you can spot yourself among the cast.

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Laura Kennelly

It’s not Carrie or Heathers (no one ends up dead, although someone does get hit by a bus), but it is definitely one of those “high school is hell for girls” musicals that teaches a lesson about how to treat others (which is, “as you would like to be treated,” of course).

On the good side, the large cast skillfully executes the dance routines.

One of the most striking elements in Mean Girls was not the music (routine pop, nothing special), but the video design by Finn Ross and Adam Young. Projections on the set behind the actors made the show fresh, reminding us where we were (Africa, the high school, their homes, and so on), and letting us “see” the cruel comments written over students’ pictures that cause big trouble.

Bottom Line: There are funny moments, the cast is good, but the story has, overall, been done over and over. Yes, we know growing up is hard, but get over it. (I feel like a mean girl now, but there’s something about this show that brings out the snark.)

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