Saturday, December 7, 2019


Through January 5, 2019
(216) 932-3396

Roy Berko

Dobama’s “OLD MAN AND THE OLD MOON” creates a world which will enchant many and confound others.  In order to truly participate in the experience, you must combine your inner curious child and let loose of your inhibitions and expectations of the format for traditional theater.  It’s worth seeing if just to immerse yourself in experiencing what “non-traditional” theatre can be, realizing that this is not theater for everyone, especially children.

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Mark Horning

With a rambling story line and bit confusing conclusion this extended version of the original production could use a bit of red penciling to trim off some of the fat. An earlier start time would also draw in more parents with children.

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Andrea Simakis

Dobama Theatre’s ‘The Old Man and the Old Moon’ takes aim at family-friendly magic, but misses the mark

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