Wednesday, September 30, 2015


October 2 through 24, 2015

Roy Berko

Con-con straddled itself with a weakly developed script that leaves the director and the actors fighting for dramatic credibility.  In spite of this, some nicely textured performances, and some creative directing renders an acceptable theatrical production.

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Christine Howey

With its relentlessly shallow depiction of these horny young folks, The Happy Sad makes any rack of American Greetings cards seem as nuanced and steamy as Anais Nin’s Delta of Venus.

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Art Thomas

Seven characters have the chance to develop casual or deeply intimate relationships with each other and they do so with mostly comedic results. Push aside the hilarious but superficial situations and there are deeper layers in this show. If nothing else, go to see the amazingly bubbely performance by Hillary Wheelock.

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