Saturday, November 15, 2014

TOPDOG-UNDERDOG @ none too fragile theatre

November 14-29, 2014
 330-671-4563 or

Roy Berko

“Topdog/Underdog" is one of those well directed, acted and written plays that should be seen by anyone interested in the plight of the Black man in America.  On the other hand, with nearly one in three 20-29 year-old African American males under some form of criminal justice supervision, whether imprisoned, in  jail, or on parole or probation, it is frustrating to realize that the situation may be hopeless and there appears to be no way to solve the problems.  Sad, so sad.

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Kerry Clawson
In Suzan-Lori Parks’ comedic drama TOPDOG/UNDERDOG, brothers Lincoln and Booth are prisoners of both their troubled past and posturing present.  The 2002 Pulitzer Prize-winning two-man play creates a microcosmic world of tension at None Too Fragile Theater in Akron as African-American brothers Lincoln and Booth slug it out. It’s rich in both metaphor and foreshadowing as the playwright shows the brothers grappling with their distrust of each other, their desire for supremacy, their poverty, their darker natures and the pain of their past."

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Christine Howey

Together, Grant and Armour spin a web of iron that leaves neither any escape.   

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