Sunday, November 2, 2014

TINGLE TANGLE @ Theatre Ninjas

October 30-November 15, 2014

Bob Abelman

Presented in the creative context of a decadent Weimar-era cabaret – with its naughty period song list, bawdy humor and displays of nudity and sexuality – "Tingle Tangle" boils down to an intriguing personal journey with creator and featured performer Ray Caspio. It is a journey worth taking. 

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Mark Horning

If you are one of those theater patrons who don’t mind taking “a walk on the wild side” you will be fascinated by this show.  It is funny, frank, moving and quite pertinent.  While not designed to change the world it will give you food for thought.  This is a show for mature and broad thinking adults.
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Christine Howey

 If you’re in the mood for a fascinating trip that will have you laughing out loud multiple times, get a zesty taste of gender and sexual transience in Tingle Tangle.

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