Monday, January 20, 2014


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January 16-February 2, 2014
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Roy Berko

PHOTOGRAPH 51 is a well written script which gets a very strong production.  The play is a must see for anyone who wants to be exposed to what, for most, will be a venture into the complex world of science that is presented in a meaningful way, by a cast that makes the lesson fascinating.

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Kerry Clawson

Anna Ziegler’s PHOTOGRAPH 51 raises intriguing questions about ethics, sexism and anti-Semitism in the scientific world.

The drama, directed by Neil Thackaberry, takes awhile to warm up as the play’s male scientists look back at the conflict they experienced working with the outspoken, abrasive biophysicist Rosalind Franklin at King’s College. ... It becomes fascinating as Franklin begins her work, with actress Sally Groth painting a picture of a singularly focused, distrustful, defensive and solitary woman.

To see a full review of this show, read Kerry Clawson's review here.