Monday, January 6, 2014


PlayhouseSquare--Palace Theatre
January 7-12, 2014
216-241-6000 or

Roy Berko

The touring company of ‘CHICAGO’ presents an audience pleasing production.  It will “razzle dazzle you,” and give you a feeling that you’ve seen “all that jazz.”

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Howard Gollop

If any Broadway show ever proved the maxim “less is more,” it’s the taut, bawdy, razzle-dazzle musical comedy “Chicago,” making yet another tour stop at PlayhouseSquare through Sunday. 

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Mark Horning

It is what this version of the musical “Chicago” does not have that makes it great.  It is a minimal set, minimal costuming and minimal effects that help you concentrate on the talent that is gracing the stage.  It is the combination of a great orchestra, great singing, great dancing and great acting that will make this a really great theater experience for you…be prepared to be ‘razzle-dazzled’.

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Andrea Simakis

Though the musical was conceived back in the days when cigarettes and blow were considered diet drugs, and though Fosse's moves – jazz hands, sinuous pelvic thrusts, poses cribbed from the Kama Sutra, locked King Tut-ian wrists and ankles – have been copied and parodied and copied some more, "Chicago" has yet to go out of style. 

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Art Thomas

The imprint of Bob Fosse's hand is strong on this production, including his original choreography in the second act "Hot Honey Rag." With no set, the show focuses on style to sell the story of guilty-as-sin husband murdering wives. Excellent dancers all, the cast deliver from the opening "All That Jazz." 

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