Thursday, January 16, 2014


January 14-February 2, 2014
216-241-6000 or

Roy Berko

“MENOPAUSE, THE MUSICAL” is a delightful portrayal of the “Change, Change, Change” that women of a certain age go through, that consists of “Hot Flashes,” as they realize that “I’m No Babe,” and requires a “New Attitude.”  Do you have to be a “mature” women to appreciate the goings on?  No, but from observing the opening night audience, it helps!  (Don’t forget to bring a fan if you are in the “change” age group.

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Art Thomas

A celebration of "the change" this musical continues to entertain the ladies of a certain disposition. The current cast have better matched voices than those of previous productions, and though the material is getting a bit dated, women will still enjoy the show better than their male counterparts. Kudos to the production company for using home grown talent.
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