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January 9-25, 2014
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Bob Abelman

Christine Howey’s autobiographical “Exact Change” was conceived from the heartache of being a transgender female, fueled by a heroic journey of reinvention and renewal, and first given form as a short, limited-run one-woman show in last season’s New Work Development Series at Cleveland Public Theater.  What is currently on stage at CPT’s James Levin Theatre is a fleshed out version of that earlier work that now runs nearly 90-minutes and is absolutely wonderful.

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Roy Berko

EXACT CHANGE is a fascinating evening of theatre, which is a must see for anyone interested in the real human condition, an awareness of gender dysphoria, fine writing and compelling acting. Bravo!
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Tom Fulton

With astonishing, visceral imagery and insight, Ms. Howey, actress and playwright, hews away at her human facade and personal privacy to reveal the terrifying, confusing, brutal and often hilarious musings of a trapped soul as seen through the eyes of a little girl, an adolescent, a mother masquerading as a father and a mature woman bitterly defeated by her awkward unfamiliar femininity. 

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Mark Horning

“Exact Change”, now playing at Cleveland Public Theatre’s James Levin Theatre is a no-holds-barred exploration of one man’s journey to womanhood told through poetry and prose with comedy, drama and poignancy.  In short, it is brilliant.  It is probably the most dramatic 85 minutes you will ever experience.  This is sure to be a sellout. 
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Andrea Simakis

To borrow a symbol, it's a lovely, partially opened bud, so close to becoming the lush blossom it clearly could be.  A prescription for that metamorphosis:  Lose the first four and grow the story of how Christine became the woman she is today.  That when the tears and the champagne will flow.

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