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December 6, 2013-January 5, 2014 
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Bob Abelman

“The Big Meal” is an search from hell that traces congenital character flaws and bad habits as they metastasize from one generation to the next.  Although the anguish that trims this family tree is buffered by creative construction and plenty of humor, the play is still a brutal assault on the ties that bind us. It is, at times, too close to the bone to be entertaining.  The takeaway from seeing this production, then, is to witness the wonderful artistry with which it is presented.

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Roy Berko

THE BIG MEAL is one of those special theatrical events when the script, the diretorial concept, and the acting effectiveness all blend together to make for a "must see" theatrical experience.  BRAVO!

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Christine Howey
Even though it hobbles to the finish line, The Big Meal asks the audience to work for its supper, tracking the intersecting lives of these folks. And that, by itself, is a theatrical feast that can be very satisfying.

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Andrea Simakis

Come to think of it, swilling a glass of your favorite red might be the best way to experience this dramaturgically inventive but emotionally unsatisfying "Meal."

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