Sunday, December 1, 2013


convergence continuum
November 29-December 21, 2013 or 216-687-0074

Bob Abelman

Each player in “Fool For Love” has one hour to communicate his or her character’s lifetime of pleasure/pain and the blind passion that drives their existence. In this timid con-con production, the audience leaves the theater singed rather than smoldering.
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Roy Berko

Sam Shepard is noted for taking audiences on illusionary trips.  FOOL FOR LOVE is yet another example of con-con asking the audience ”to extend the conventional boundaries of language, structure, space and performances that challenge the conventional notions of what theatre is.”  It’s a production steeped in Shepard writing Shepard, which is missing some of his intended nuance.

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Mark Horning

“Fool For Love” playing at convergence-contiuum’s Liminis Theatre is the kind of play that if you were in the next door room at the motel you would walk over and tell them to knock it off.  It is a plotless journey to nowhereville that lacks passion.  It is like a savorless onion that after pealing does not raise a single tear.  If you want a break from tinsel and garland, this will make you forget about Christmas for awhile.   
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Christine Howey
In a play about serial abandonment and reconnection, it's important to navigate each of the beats with precision. And this production does that often enough to make the one-act simmer with Shepardian misery and hope.

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