Sunday, December 8, 2013


December 6-21, 2013
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Roy Berko

It’s been done time and again, but with a good production  ‘GODSPELL’ can still be a fine theatrical experience, even if you aren’t into the religious message.  Blank Canvas’s production isn’t a sure winner, but it will hold your  attention and expose the audience to the quality of Tebalk’s creativity and Stephen Schwartz’s music.

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Mark Horning

“Godspell” now playing at Blank Canvas’ 78 Street Studios Theater is a flashback to those halcyon days when hippies ruled the theater and the more counter-culture the show was the better.  This is a lively, song filled, very professional rendition of a classic.  Tickets are scarce with only a few dates left.  Go see this one and enjoy. 
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Christine Howey

If you like stories with clear and unambiguous morals, delivered with plenty of youthful zest, then this Godspell may be a godsend.

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