Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blank Canvas
OCTOBER 5-21, 2012 

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Roy Berko

NEXT FALL continues the Blank Canvas’s streak of well conceived productions of challenging scripts.  Though viewers may have to set aside their own individual beliefs in order to buy into the play’s ending, this is an overall positive theatrical experience and very well worth seeing.

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Fran Heller

A strong cast coupled with Patrick Ciamacco's sensitive and intelligent direction brings this quietly affecting story about love and friendship, death and religious faith to stirring life.
Strength of play is the playwright's compassionate, nonjudgmental approach to all sides of the religious divide.
There isn't one false emotion or move in this ensemble of actors, who make their characters utterly believable.

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Christine Howey
On the way to a questionable ending, this is one of the most genuinely warm and funny scripts in recent memory. And the talented cast, under the compassionate and assured direction of Patrick Ciamacco, misses very few beats in telling this story of love and loss.

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