Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 2-14, 2012
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Bob Abelman

This play, this touring production of it, and the performances within it are of such high caliber that it is the perfect example of what is so great about the Great White Way.  These traveling dignitaries, in the first city on the first leg of their year-long national tour, will leave you breathless.

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Roy Berko

ANYTHING GOES is a total delight and a must see!  You’ll come out of the theatre thinking of the show that “It’s De-lovely,” that “I Get a Kick Out of You” because “You’re The Top,” and so “Easy To Love. 
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Fran Heller

Triple threat Rachel York is beautiful to look at, lovely to listen to, and delightful to watch as Reno Sweeney, leading the ensemble in such show-stopping numbers as the tap-dancing phenomenon, "Anything Goes" and the sensual "Blow Gabriel Blow" which blew the audience away in sustained applause and rightfully so. "Anything Goes" is showbiz at its seductive best.

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Christine Howey

This is another chance to see and hear those great Porter songs, and another opportunity to see ensemble tap dancing that virtually lifts you out of your seat. And should be worth a ticket in anyone’s budget.

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If you like a big, ‘old broadway’ flashy, flawless, hilarious, musical theatre spectacle, there is no way ANYTHING GOES will disappoint!
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Andrea Simakis

Rachel York embodies the brash, bawdy Reno Sweeney -- made famous by Ethel Merman when "Anything Goes" first set sail on Broadway in 1934 -- with a wink and a purr. And her pipes? Gather 'round, brothers and sisters, and prepare to receive the gospel: Her voice combines paint-peeling power with a luxe smoothness, like a ribbon of dark chocolate spiked with cayenne pepper.

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Art Thomas

Less than three months closed on Broadway, this "Anything Goes" emphasizes the strengths of the cast and director--dance. It helps that many of Cole Porter's best tunes are in this show. On the  opening night of the tour, the snappy dialogue resonated with the audience who stood and cheered at the end. There's nothing dated in this production. It is a bright, clean, and energized show. 

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