Friday, October 26, 2012

Dobama Theatre
October 26-November 18, 2012
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Bob Abelman

Walking into the Dobama Theatre’s production is like stepping into Edward Hopper's iconic 1942 painting, “Nighthawks.”   On the surface, “A Bright New Boise” appears to be telling a simple, two-dimensional story.   But then it reveals the playwright’s aptitude for dark comedy, his remarkable capacity to capture in words the intense desperation of human suffering, and the many layers of complexity he hides just below its surface.  Director Nathan Motta digs deep and his superb cast uncovers everything.

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Roy Berko

Though the message, due to the abstract nature of the concept of Rapture and religious differences may turn off some viewers, Dobama’s A BRIGHT NEW BOISE, featuring superb acting and focused directing, is a production well worth seeing!
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Fran Heller

Winner of the 2011 OBIE award for Best Playwriting, "Boise" is a beautifully written play whose quirky, eccentric characters may seem alien to you or to me, but who grow on the viewer in ways that are humorous and heartbreaking.  The deeply moving Dobama production under Nathan Motta's piercingly intelligent direction features an ensemble whose richly etched characterizations make for an evening of thoughtful and rewarding theatre.

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Christine Howey
Using minimum-wage workers at a typical craft store as his palette, the playwright attempts a thematic reach-around. While plumbing the depths of one character's personal search for meaning, Hunter also tries to diddle the complexities of a father-son relationship. It's an ambitious gambit, garnished with a surprising number of laughs. 

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Marjorie Preston
Dobama Theatre's current production, “A Bright New Boise,” by Samuel D. Hunter, confronts religion's effect on each of the characters working at a Hobby Lobby in Boise, Idaho. Religion may be a coping mechanism, but in this drama that is also heavily comic, it is an escape from the harsh realities of life.  The cast of “A Bright New Boise” rises to the occasion and delivers a thoroughly engrossing, thought-provoking and funny evening of theater.
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Andrea Simakis

Despite some flaws in the script and pacing issues -- a few scenes needed a swig of Red Bull -- Samuel D. Hunter's 2011 Obie-winning play resonates now more than ever, and the Dobama Theatre production wrings both tragedy and comedy from the quiet desperation of clock punchers. Though worth seeing, the show leaves you in purgatory
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